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Nature in the news

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We regret that due to a lack of resources, we are unable to continue adding new content to this website and it will probably be taken offline soon. However, we will endeavour to add more biodiversity-related news to the main ALTER-Net website. Contact the News and Views manager.


Nature and Biodiversity News & Views provides a selection of nature-related news items published elsewhere on the web. Links take you to the full story and in some cases we provide comment panels and polls where you can share your views.

'Peak timber' concerns in tropics
Current tropical timber practices are not sustainable and nations should consider the "implications of 'peak timber'", a study has suggested.
Climate change is altering mountain vegetation at the large scale
Climate change is having a more profound effect on alpine vegetation than at first anticipated, according to a study carried out by an international group of researchers and published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change.
New species of snake found
A new species of brightly coloured snake has been found in a remote area of Tanzania in East Africa. The newly discovered snake, named Matilda's horned viper, has been described in the journal Zootaxa.
Hedgerows can be managed better for wildlife
Simple changes to hedgerow management could significantly improve winter habitats and food supplies for wildlife, according to new research by the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Frankincense tree facing uncertain future
The festive fragrance frankincense is produced by tapping the gum of trees in the Boswellia genus. The tree faces an uncertain future, according to researchers. The genus Boswellia, overall, is generally classified as Vulnerable as a result of habitat fragmentation and poor levels of rejuvenation.
Rewrite planning rules to end 'confusion', say MPs
MPs are calling on the UK government to rewrite its controversial changes to planning rules in England, removing the default "yes" to development.
The top 15 hot conservation topics for 2012
Mining for rare earth elements in the deep ocean, a surge in the number of drugs in the environment, and warming of the deep sea are among 15 key conservation issues scientists say could affect the diversity of life on Earth in the near future.
Government announces policy on Bovine TB and badger control in England
The Government’s policy on Bovine TB and badger control in England has been announced by Secretary of State Caroline Spelman MP. To help control the disease, the Government has decided to proceed with a policy of enabling farmers and landowners to cull and/or vaccinate badgers, under licence, in areas of high incidence of TB in cattle.
What future for the Arctic?
Our latest News & Views topic!
Consumers face higher water bills to wildlife protection
New measures could see homes and businesses paying tens of millions of pounds to compensate water companies and farmers for protecting the wildlife in streams and rivers

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