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We regret that due to a lack of resources, we are unable to continue adding new content to this website and it will probably be taken offline soon. However, we will endeavour to add more biodiversity-related news to the main ALTER-Net website. Contact the News and Views manager.


Nature and Biodiversity News & Views provides a selection of nature-related news items published elsewhere on the web. Links take you to the full story and in some cases we provide comment panels and polls where you can share your views.

Late autumn 'to bring bumper fruit crop' for wildlife
A late autumn is set to bring a bumper crop of fruits and berries for wildlife in the UK countryside, experts say. Fruiting is expected to be delayed after a late spring but the recent warm weather should see flourishing berry crops, according to the Woodland Trust.
Urban hives boom could be 'bad for bees'
A boom in urban beekeeping could be doing the insects more harm than good, say scientists. Experts warn that dense populations of the bees in areas with few feeding plants adds more pressure to the troubled species.
Hen harrier on the brink of 'extinction' in England - RSPB
For the first time since the 1960s, hen harriers have failed to nest successfully in England. Just two pairs attempted to nest this year in England, but both failed. According to the RSPB, no new hen harriers this season means that the species is one the brink of extinction in England.
'Insect soup' holds DNA key for monitoring biodiversity
Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UK) have shown that sequencing the DNA of crushed up creepy crawlies can accelerate the monitoring and cataloguing of biodiversity around the world.
Warm weather sees boom in UK jellyfish blooms
Researchers say that the recent spell of warm weather has seen a rapid increase in jellyfish blooms around Britain's coasts. The long, cold spring meant there were very few reports before June. The Marine Conservation Society now says several species including the Lion's Mane are being reported in rapidly growing numbers.
Dipper eggs warn of hidden pollutants in rivers
Much like the miners’ canaries of yesteryear, birds are once again warning of potentially damaging substances in the former South Wales coalfield, according to new research into pollutant levels in dipper eggs along urban South Wales rivers.
Deforestation in Congo basin slows, but for how long?
Good news from the jungles of Africa. The rate of deforestation in the centre of the continent is down by more than a third – and the savannah woodlands to the north and south may actually be increasing. Not everyone is convinced the trend will last, however.
Battling alien invaders around Gatwick Airport
This recent blog post describes on-going work to tackle invasive alien species such as the American signal crayfish and Himalayan balsam near the UK's Gatwick Airport
UK forests still feeling the impacts of 1976 drought
New research, published in the journal Functional Ecology, suggests the hot, dry summer of 1976 caused permanent changes to British forests. Scientists found that the long dry spell that year - the UK's most intense drought between 1914 and 2006 - killed off many drought-sensitive beech trees. Growth of the trees is still restricted more than 30 years later, according to the paper's authors.
New species of super-strong 'Hero Shrew' discovered
A new species of the mysterious "Hero Shrew" has been discovered in Africa. Scientists first described the Hero Shrew, nicknamed for its extraordinary strength, over a century ago. Now for the first time, scientists have found a new species of the Hero Shrew. They propose that its unique interlocking vertebrae give it the strength to move large objects.

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