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About News and Views

The background to News and Views and answers to some questions you may have

Nature and Biodiversity News and Views has been developed by the European ALTER-Net network of ecosystem research organisations. The aim is to provide information about a range of topics relating to biodiversity and the natural world, and to enable people to express their views on the subjects. We select interesting nature-related news items and also provide feature topics written by experts (consisting of a short article, extra information and web links, images and multiple choice questions). There are are also suggestions of things to do if you are interested in the natural world, such as surveys you can take part in.

Throughout the site you will find opportunities to share your views, either by commenting, polls or multi-choice questions.

Nature and Biodiversity News and Views is based on a concept developed by the @Bristol science centre, who were early partners in ALTER-Net.


Answers to questions you may have

Who selects the news items and feature topics?

The News & Views web manager at the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UK) selects relevant news items. Feature topics are provided by members of the ALTER-Net biodiversity research network. If you would like to suggest a topic, you can contact the News and Views manager.

Who  has written the feature topics?

The topics (and the associated questions) have either been written by an expert in the subject, or have been checked by an expert. Most of the experts work for ALTER-Net partner organisations. Each short article is written in a clear, non-technical language. Links are provided allowing readers to explore topics in more depth.

Are my comments anonymous?

You answer the polls and multiple choice questions anonymously. When adding a free text comment, you may choose how to identify yourself, or remain anonymous. Read more about commenting.

Will you contact me?

No. We may add additional features, such as an e-news service, but you will be able to choose whether or not to sign-up to such a service.

If you wish to keep in touch with content on News & Views, you may use the RSS feed icon - small RSS feed links. Stay informed of new topics using the RSS feed icon - small RSS topic feed. You can also follow a discussion using the tools provided by the DISQUS commenting system.

Where can I find your privacy & cookie policies?

Right here!



All information provided by CEH or any other ALTER-Net partner on this web site is made available to provide immediate access for the convenience of interested persons. While we believe the information to be reliable, human or mechanical error remains a possibility. Neither CEH, NERC nor any of the sources of the information shall be responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use of or results obtained from the use of this information. Neither do they guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information.

The views expressed on this website are not necessarily those of CEH, NERC or any other ALTER-Net partner.


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News & Views is developed by CEH




Check out short articles on a range of biodiversity-related topics. Share your views via multi-choice questions and comments

Things to do

If you are interested in the natural world and want to get more involved, here are some suggestions. Includes surveys you can take part in (some using mobile phone apps)

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