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We regret that due to a lack of resources, we are unable to continue adding new content to this website and it will probably be taken offline soon. However, we will endeavour to add more biodiversity-related news to the main ALTER-Net website. Contact the News and Views manager.


Nature and Biodiversity News & Views provides a selection of nature-related news items published elsewhere on the web. Links take you to the full story and in some cases we provide comment panels and polls where you can share your views.

Sharing the planet: Hen harrier conservation and grouse shooting
Dr Juliette Young from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology was on Radio 4 earlier this week, being interviewed for the Shared Planet programme. One of the examples discussed during the recording was the conflict in a number of areas of the British Isles between hen harrier conservation interests and land management for grouse shooting.
Public help needed to map fungus infecting invasive ladybird
10/10/14, CEH -- Scientists are calling for public support as they seek to map the spread of a sexually transmitted fungal epidemic recently found within populations of the invasive harlequin ladybird in the UK.
Status of chalara ash dieback in the UK
10/10/14 -- Chalara ash dieback, a disease of ash trees, has not been in the news much recently, but it continues to spread throughout the country. Information about the disease and the current status of outbreaks is available from the Forestry Commission
Invasive alien quagga mussel arrives in UK
CEH Science Blog, 08/10/14 -- The invasive alien quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis) has arrived in the UK. The mussel was found in Wraysbury Reservoir and the Wraysbury River, a tributary of the River Colne, near Egham, Surrey.
Litter now everywhere in the ocean
NERC Planet Earth, 08/07/14 -- Litter is now found in even the most remote areas of the oceans, say scientists trying to understand how much rubbish is lying at the bottom of Europe's seas.
How an urban meadow is boosting biodiversity
NERC Planet Earth, 08/07/14 -- In Planet Earth's weekly Podcast, Helen Hoyle of the University of Sheffield and Jim Harris from Cranfield University describe what a strip of land in Luton, southeast England, is doing for urban biodiversity.
Marine bacteria unfazed by rising ocean acidification
NERC Planet Earth, 04/07/2014 -- Bacteria are more resistant to ocean acidification than previously thought, say scientists. Ocean acidification is one of many problems caused by carbon dioxide emissions. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide that is eventually absorbed by the oceans, making the water more acidic.
First wild beavers to be seen in England for centuries to be captured
The Guardian, 01/07/14 -- A group of beavers seen in the River Otter in Devon will be given a new home in a zoo or wildlife park, the government decides
New report published on Argyll’s trial beavers
SNH, 24/06/14 -- The latest report looking at the trial reintroduction of beavers at Knapdale in Argyll has been published by independent monitors of the trial, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). It documents the status of the 16 beavers released to date.
Corals could be cured using probiotic like Yakult
NERC Planet Earth, 18/06/2014 -- Some coral diseases could be cured by making sure they're surrounded by good bacteria, say scientists. Their research aimed to discover which microbes cause White Band Disease (WBD), which is killing corals in the Caribbean.

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