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Things to do

If you are interested in the natural world and want to get more involved, here are some suggestions

Note: Some of the projects listed may only run for a defined period. However, we will leave the links in place so that you can access any data, results and other information.


The decline in bee populations is a big concern. Does it concern you? Answer our Poll below and also check out the Big Bumblebee Discovery (Summer 2014)!
Quickpoll 9
How concerned are you about declining bee populations?
63.68% 135 (63.68%)
14.62% 31 (14.62%)
21.70% 46 (21.70%)
Votes : 212

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  • Conservationists are removing the invasive mink from Scottish waterways (see BBC News). How do you feel about the mink eradication programme?
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