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Nature and Biodiversity News & Views topic feed

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Lichens - flags of distress?
Lichens may not at first sight seem very interesting, but actually they are surprisingly useful in many ways | Added 09 March 2010
Beavers are back in the UK
A trial introduction of beavers into Scotland is underway, but do you welcome the return of this creature? | Added 05 March 2010
Are biofuel crops bad for biodiversity?
Biofuel crops may be an alternative to fossil fuels, but they come at a price | Added 05 March 2010
Harlequin ladybird threat
If you thought all ladybirds were the gardener's friend, think again! The invasive harlequin ladybird is proving to be a real problem | Added 05 March 2010
What is biodiversity?
What does the term 'biodiversity'mean and why is biodiversity important to us? | Added 05 March 2010
Paying back our debt to Nature
Low-cost food comes at a price. How does farming affect wildlife? Would you pay more for sustainably-grown food? | Added 05 March 2010
What can nature do for us?
The benefits that we gain from a healthy environment - food and clean water, for example - are called ‘ecosystem services’. Reducing biodiversity can threaten these services. Placing a more clearly-defined value on ecosystem services may help us protect them better.
Blooming water
Caused by a microscopic plant, algal blooms are quite a common occurrence in lakes, and can be a problem for people and wildlife | Added 09 March 2010
Conserving biodiversity hotspots
Is it a good conservation strategy to protect areas which have been shown to have high numbers of species of a certain group of animals, for example birds? How well will this protect other groups of animals, for example mammals, reptiles or insects?
Peat bogs: love them or hate them?
Peat bogs tend to be seen as lonely, desolate, places, yet a closer look reveals they are teeming with life, and invaluable to people. | Added 17 Sept 2010
What future for the Arctic?
The Arctic: Cold, remote, desolate? Home to polar bears, whales, and hardy people? A frontier land rich in oil and minerals? A fragile region threatened by climate change and human over-exploitation? However you view it, the Arctic deserves attention. | Added 07 December 2011
Why living close to nature may be good for you
"Rapidly declining biodiversity may be a contributing factor to another global megatrend — the rapidly increasing prevalence of allergies and other chronic inflammatory diseases among urban populations worldwide." So write the authors of a recent research paper looking at whether contact with biodiversity boosts peoples' immune systems | Added 16 July 2012
Ash trees: Do they have a future?
In early November, Chalara dieback disease was confirmed to be affecting ash trees at 115 sites across the UK, including 61 sites in the wider environment. So, what does this mean for the future of UK ash trees? | Added 14 Nov 2012

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